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Les Jardins Gourmands

Three dining rooms with a modern or classic decoration are the setting for the fare of chef Markus Backers, such as the savoury and silky herb cream to which a "Gromperekichelcher" adds the crunch and taste of the land. It also serves as a showcase for his pastry chef, Sandro Maag, who made our palates burst out in song with his exceptionally refreshing asparagus & strawberry sorbet, balsamic with elderberries or his delicious composition of rhubarb, chocolate, regional gin and "Bamkuch". A very tempting garden of culinary delights!


Maandag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Dinsdag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Woensdag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Donderdag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Vrijdag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Zaterdag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30
Zondag 11:30-14:30 — 14:30-21:30


Robert Hein Eigenaar

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