Bosque Fevi

Overlooking the city, chef Fernando Andreu devises dishes with a strong Iberian accent in a setting as contemporary as his vision of cuisine, inspired by his native Catalonia. The plates are graphic and the ingredients of the highest quality, as is the case for the Spanish ham accompanied by a leek tatin and refreshed by a cold melon soup. Crunchy sardines are accompanied by a sparkling bergamot vinaigrette while, to refresh the palate, he revisits the Bloody Mary with a watermelon granita, tomato jam, textured lemon vodka juice and a hint of Tabasco. The highlight is a roulade of slow-cooked veal stuffed with a beef tartare and garnished with plantain fries and capers, with a dulcet egg yolk vinaigrette for extra zing. Buen provecho.

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:00-21:30
Wednesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:00-21:30
Thursday 12:00-13:30 — 19:00-21:30
Friday 12:00-13:30 — 19:00-21:30
Saturday 12:00-13:30 — 19:00-21:30
Sunday Closed


Fernando ANDREU Chef

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