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La Distillerie

A fayre of flavours, aromas and colours is the best way to describe this new plant-based experience in this château straight out of a medieval tale. The heroes here are not knights but plants and flowers, whose properties and benefits flourish under the benevolent rule of chef René Mathieu. The chef not only wields his culinary prowess in the kitchen, but also puts on quite a display in the dining room, as he serves each table and tells the story of each of his dishes to the subjugated foodies. This is not about serving a vegetarian cuisine, but about being a “vegetable restaurant”. This philosophy trickles down from the appetizers to the petits-fours, and throughout the intervening dishes combining masterly executed little-known ingredients and high-flying gustatory surprises. From the slightly salty plant that could pass for a fish to the root used to infuse sushi rice and create an exceptional morsel. But it is undoubtedly the toffee-apple-like tomato, begonia, condiment, herbs, and elderberry water dish that leaves us with an imperishable memory. This is a high-class cuisine where the vegetable needs nothing else to exist but the genius of this prince of the plant world. Magnificent from start to finish, you come away ecstatic, satiated and above all amazed at the wonders nature has to offer. Could this be the true meaning of flower power?


Maandag Gesloten
Dinsdag Gesloten
Woensdag Gesloten — 19:30-21:00
Donderdag 12:00-13:30 — 19:30-21:00
Vrijdag 12:00-13:30 — 19:30-21:00
Zaterdag 12:00-13:30 — 19:30-21:00
Zondag 12:00-13:30 — 19:30-21:00


Archibald DEPRINCE Sous-Chef

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