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Ma Langue Sourit

Anne-Sophie Molard continues to oversee the formal yet friendly service in tandem with our Host of the Year 2023, Eric Parachini, while the mastery of chef Cyril Molard and his team is illustrated by their consummate skill in transforming ingredients into veritable masterpieces that come across as an ode to nature and innovation. The courgette flower immediately seduces with its rainbow shades of green, orange and red, inviting you to indulge in its deliciousness; the fish stuffing, both sweet and savoury, harmonises with the delicacy of the vegetable. Then there's the Black Angus, with its woody aromas and lovage oil adding a refreshing herbaceous note in response to the strength of the smoked meat, the sweetness of the raspberries and the robustness of the onion, creating an explosion of flavours. The pastry chef continues to take us on a journey with one of the jewels in his crown, the redcurrant calisson with oxalis ice cream. This daring and delicious creation is a fusion of sweetness and fruity acidity, taking the tastebuds to new, unexplored territories. The pure delight of the exceptional raspberry and elderberry garden tart and the host of mythical petits fours, without hesitation, earn Paul Bungert the title of “Pastry Chef of the Year 2024”.


Maandag Gesloten
Dinsdag 12:00-16:00 — 19:00-00:00
Woensdag 12:00-16:00 — 19:00-00:00
Donderdag 12:00-16:00 — 19:00-00:00
Vrijdag 12:00-16:00 — 19:00-00:00
Zaterdag 12:00-16:00 — 19:00-00:00
Zondag Gesloten


Cyril MOLARD Chef


  • Patissier van het Jaar 2024
  • Gastheer van het Jaar 2023

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