Belgian Chocolate Design

From the irresistible spreads, including the particularly delicious roasted sesame spread, to the luxurious champagne truffles, Axel Hanf has it covered. Drawing his inspiration from the know-how of the great Belgian chocolatiers, B.C.D. comes up with both original and classic sensations in the form of individual chocolates and truffles of all kinds made from fair trade ingredients. In addition to the traditional flavoured ganaches, an assortment of bold yet winning combinations are available to take away at the bakery or the large grocery store in the Massen shopping centre, unless you lose all will power and give in to your gourmet urges on the spot.


Maandag 07:30-19:00
Dinsdag 07:30-19:00
Woensdag 07:30-19:00
Donderdag 07:30-19:00
Vrijdag 07:30-19:00
Zaterdag 07:30-19:00
Zondag 09:00-18:00

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