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In this soothing and luminous setting or out on the pretty, quiet terrace, the service does justice to the authentic and gastronomic cuisine of chef Thierry Duhr. Whether you opt for the freshness of the grilled aubergine and mozzarella or the field tomatoes at the beginning of the meal, there is no doubt that the grey shrimp croquettes from Zeeland with their bisque sauce and fresh herbs will delight true food lovers. On the meat side, the rack of veal browned in foaming butter was served with peas and some beautiful chanterelles. 

Opening hours

Monday 00:00-00:00
Tuesday 12:00-13:45 — 19:00-21:45
Wednesday 12:00-13:45 — 19:00-21:45
Thursday 12:00-13:45 — 19:00-21:45
Friday 12:00-13:45 — 19:00-21:45
Saturday 12:00-13:45 — 19:00-21:45
Sunday 00:00-00:00

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