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Welcome to a traditional restaurant where the service is devoted to the needs of the guests and the classicism of the French cuisine. After an array of appetizers, we tuck into perfectly tender frogs' knuckles accompanied by a basmati and a very tasty parmesan risotto. Then follows the remoulade of Danish langoustine, peas, yogurt and radish, composed of a beautiful piece of kadaïf, perfectly cooked and crispy, and a tartar refreshed with a voluptuous pea ice cream. The small red mullet stuffed with tapenade, with crispy bacon bard, was woken up by a tomato-ginger condiment. The service, worthy of a grand establishment, under the aegis of Madame Magnier and punctuated by the humour of Mr Le Hesran, is very smooth with, in addition, the wine advice of a larger-than-life sommelier who is a bona fide connoisseur.

Opening hours

Monday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Tuesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Wednesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Thursday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Friday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Arnaud MAGNIER Chef

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