The Magnier couple have had a tremendous time with their renovations. The tasteful colours and the choice of materials that are sometimes brut but always comfortable set the stage for the choreography of the dining room brigade as they serve you delicacies prepared by Arnaud and his team. Even if he has fun with sometimes daring surf and turf combinations, this is a go-to chef for his great signature classic dishes. How to resist the duck breast stuffed with a delicious foie gras and accompanied, among other things, by raspberry pepper "sweets"? The lamb from the Limousin region accompanied by stuffed Provencal vegetables is divine, unless you prefer to taste his emblematic dish "Bresse chicken with truffles, cooked in a bladder" inspired by the Master himself, Paul Bocuse. The "Guanaja chocolate ganache" dessert caught our attention because of its extreme lightness, its muted sweetness, its hints of fleur de sel and its perfect marriage with a dreamy peppermint sorbet. A passionate selection of 900 wine references, of which nearly a third are grand crus, awaits you in the cellar.

Opening hours

Monday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Tuesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Wednesday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Thursday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Friday 12:00-13:30 — 19:15-21:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Arnaud MAGNIER Chef

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