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A Guddesch

In this restaurant, where they do more than only pay lip service to the local food movement, you are invited to enjoy traditional dishes prepared by the chef and sourced from the owner's farm and from other local producers. The menu has enticing offerings, such as a traditional feierstegszalot or a fine piece of Angus stamped Lëtzebuerger Naturschutzfleesch. What's more, you can take your bread home with you from the in-house bakery, so the detour is well worth the effort!

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:30-14:00 — 18:30-21:00
Wednesday 11:30-14:00 — 18:30-21:00
Thursday 11:30-14:00 — 18:30-21:00
Friday 11:30-14:00 — 18:30-21:00
Saturday Closed — 18:30-21:00
Sunday 11:30-14:00 — Closed

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