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Les Roses

Chef François Jagut has put together a great menu of suggestions and an all-inclusive menu alongside the "Expression" menu around a key product such as langoustine in spring or truffle in winter. The rotunda with its picture postcard decor welcomes guests in style who can also luxuriate in the excellence of the traditional service. It would be amiss of us not to mention the wine recommendations of the pillar of this institution, Thierry Corona, who will find the perfect pairing for you or dig out a bottle that is sure to send a thrill through your palate.


Maandag Gesloten — 19:00-23:00
Dinsdag Gesloten
Woensdag Gesloten
Donderdag Gesloten — 19:00-23:00
Vrijdag Gesloten — 19:00-00:00
Zaterdag Gesloten — 19:00-00:00
Zondag 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-23:00

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