A taste of Belgium or a taste of Cameroon? A bit of both, since Euphrasie Mbamba roasts her cocoa and makes her pralines in her craft workshop in Rochefort (BE) using beans from her native Africa. The founder of the Club des Chocolatiers Engagés, she pays a fair wage to small local producers, with the aim of walking in the footsteps of winemakers to produce great vintages. The Pavé Cinacien au Yuzu, for example, combines fresh acidity with the crunch of hazelnut praline and the sweet bitterness of a 68% dark coating. Under the same enrobing couverture chocolate, the Madagascar vanilla caramel brings out all the sweetness and strength of its ingredients on the palate. As for Louise, it exudes all the finesse and complexity of the woman who gave it its name, with a melting ganache of dark Ivorian chocolate infused with violet green tea and raspberries. Absolute bliss!


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