Le Bistrot Gourmand

This is an address that lives up to its name! The dishes are sumptuous and scrumptious, the herb fries are crunchy, the wood-fired tarts crispy and the desserts more than generous. The bistro-style cuisine lives up to its name, while the waiting staff are attentive and on their toes, flitting from table to table under the aegis of their larger-than-life boss Nicolas Donati. Ask for his wine recommendations. You won’t be disappointed.

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:45-13:45 — 18:45-21:45
Wednesday 11:45-13:45 — 18:45-21:45
Thursday 11:45-13:45 — 18:45-21:45
Friday 11:45-13:45 — 18:45-21:45
Saturday Closed — 18:45-21:45
Sunday Closed

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