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Influenced by his travels in the Nordic countries and Asia, the chef expresses his convictions in his dishes. The lightness of each creation and the intense use of vegetables in certain preparations creates an overall impression of lightness. A volley of appetizers in crisp, crunchy holders open the ball with beautifully crafted cocktails and mocktails. Matured regional salmon trout is finished with beurre noisette, lightly burnt and dressed in Colonnata bacon, while a beurre blanc with melon peas and kohlrabi counterbalances the whole with extreme accuracy. The geeky, steampunk touches of the decor and the chef give the atmosphere a manga-like feel.

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 19:15-19:45
Wednesday 19:15-19:45
Thursday 19:15-19:45
Friday 19:15-19:45
Saturday 19:15-19:45
Sunday Closed


Mathieu Van WETTEREN Chef

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