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Grünewald Chef’s Table

Chef Clovis Degrave and his team behind the ovens invite you to take your place at the bar to sample a unique tasting menu. The lobster comes hot on the heels of the shellfish, getting things off to a pitch-perfect start, while the fish paves the way for the succulent beef with its lingering scents of hay. The dishes are served by the kitchen and front-of-house staff alike, while the liquid selection is entrusted to the finely-honed palate of a talented young sommelier. Two chef’s hats are awarded without hesitation for this experience cooked up by our Young Chef of the Year.

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed — 19:00-22:00
Thursday Closed — 19:00-22:00
Friday 12:00-15:00 — 19:00-22:00
Saturday Closed — 19:00-22:00
Sunday Closed


Clovis Degrave Chef


  • Young Chef of the Year 2024

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