In a decor straight out of ‘The Roaring Twenties' in the heart of the animated streets surrounding the Palace, at first glance, this bar looks no different to the others… and yet! As it’s always a good idea to take some solids to soak up the liquids, bar snacks such as the 'cauliflower on fire' with peanuts and wasabi mayonnaise can be ordered as the perfect accompaniment to any bottle. The wine menu focuses on natural and organic wines with some very nice bottles indeed, but especially on some very original 'finds', leaving you spoilt for choice. 

Opening hours

Monday 11:30-01:00
Tuesday 11:30-01:00
Wednesday 11:30-01:00
Thursday 11:30-01:00
Friday 11:30-01:00
Saturday 11:30-01:00
Sunday 11:30-01:00

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