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Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

From breakfast, with his almond and hazelnut or peanut spread, to afternoon tea, without skipping lunch, to accompany your coffee or as a dessert, everything is possible in this range, which is resolutely retro, both in the production of the chocolate bites and bars and in the packaging, but never lacking in finesse. The double-bites with marzipan, pistachio and Madagascan ganache are out-of-this world, while the caramel praline bite is melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Unless you are won over by the crunchy and crispy oatmeal bars, the passion fruit and coconut praline double-bite opens with a fresh attack before distilling a few bursts of coconut for an intense finish. A sensual pleasure with a thick coat of sincerity.


Maandag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Dinsdag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Woensdag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Donderdag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Vrijdag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Zaterdag 10:00-19:00 — Gesloten
Zondag Gesloten — 14:00-19:00


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