Whether at the counter or at one of the tables, with the Vespa at the entrance you are transported to Italy. New chef Alessandro Vannelli knows his stuff and concocts a variety of original and very tasty dishes. His ravioli with parmesan and balsamic will stay in our memory for a long time. In addition to the good-humoured and efficient service, many bottles are on offer in the large Italian-style grocery store that surrounds the tables. Earning one more point and a half, Divino is awarded the first toque and the title of 'Mediterranean of the Year' 2023.

Opening hours

Monday 11:45-15:00 — Closed
Tuesday 11:45-15:00 — Closed
Wednesday 11:45-15:00 — 19:00-22:00
Thursday 11:45-15:00 — 19:00-22:00
Friday 11:45-15:00 — 19:00-22:00
Saturday 11:45-15:00 — 19:00-22:00
Sunday Closed


Alessandro Vannelli Chef


  • Italian Restaurant of the Year 2023

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