Les Jardins d’Anaïs

It may be far removed from a Swiss chalet, yet the young chef who has just taken over the reins of the kitchens has just arrived from one. The period stone house is flanked by a light-flooded veranda overlooking picture-perfect gardens that make you forget the proximity of the city centre. The service is relaxed, with a good dose of humour and freshness that never detracts from the quality! In addition to the expert wine advice of the vintner owner, a very rigorous sommelier can also guide you carefully through the wine menu. But let's get back to the chef's cuisine, Paul Cabayé! He fashions poetic dishes such as a calisson of radish and crunchy cucumber with goat's cheese and radish cream, the overall effect silky and unctuous with just the right amount of oomph added by the Royal Belgian Caviar, which makes all the difference with its iodized notes. As for the highlight of the show, it was undoubtedly the grilled brill and its majestic roasted celery with a devilishly delicious beurre noisette, with a foam of nasturtiums tying everything together to perfection. Great art that we are proud to reward with the title of "Young Chef of the Year 2022".

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Wednesday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Thursday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Friday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Saturday Closed — 19:00-21:00
Sunday Closed


Paul Paul Cabayé Chef

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