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Guillou Campagne

Tradition may be a dirty word for some, but its detractors will take it all back as soon as they step into this establishment that shows exactly how it should be done, with great produce and authentic taste. You will be won over by the pig's trotters on toast topped with grilled Parmesan cheese. It is crisp, melt-in-the-mouth and fluffy in all the right places and quite simply addictive, an explosion of taste perfectly set off by the side dish of fresh herb salad. The seduction campaign continues with the veal sweetbread, braised the old-fashioned way, moist and tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and with a reduced jus that ties in with the foie gras, the Breton butter mash finishing off the attack on the palate. After all, this is Brittany in all its glory, not a drop of oil in sight, apart from the elbow grease needed to bring the tradition to the table. And what better way to highlight the quality of the warm and friendly welcome than to crown this mother-daughter duo, Lysianne and Katell Guillou, with the title of Hostesses of the Year 2024.

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Thursday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Friday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Saturday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00
Sunday 12:00-14:00 — 19:00-21:00


Katell GUILLOU Owner, Hostess


  • Hostess of the Year 2024

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