Head north and you will come across this foodie hotspot serving the authentic and gourmet cuisine of Patrick Junker. The pretty terrace invites you to take time out to relax  around a fine fillet of cod accompanied by a delicious butter with shrimps and capers. The quality of the produce, the preparation and the seasoning will win over the most demanding of diners, not least if they go for a Chateaubriand of beef grilled over a wood fire. For the sweet toothed, a vacherin with almond milk and raspberry brings the dinner to an end on a pleasurable note.

Opening hours

Monday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Tuesday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Wednesday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Thursday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Friday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Saturday 11:45-14:00 — 18:00-21:00
Sunday 11:45-14:00 — Closed

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