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Wine Not?

What came first The chicken or the egg? Wine not answers the question by serving up the poultry-inspired dishes of the caterer Cocottes alongside the grape-infused delights of the Cave des Sommeliers. Pascal Carré and Aristide Spies have selected about twenty wines by the glass beautifully paired with mother hen's dishes. These stunning surroundings boast 300 references sourced from the terroirs of Luxembourg, France and Italy, and always a few natural or organic options. Having a vast, well-exposed terrace in this quiet neighbourhood doesn’t hurt business either.

Opening hours

Monday 11:00-18:30
Tuesday 11:00-18:30
Wednesday 11:00-20:30
Thursday 11:00-20:30
Friday 10:00-20:30
Saturday 10:00-20:30
Sunday Closed

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