Bistro Quai

Wine and Dine, the subtitle of this address, is no misnomer if the ambrosial wines on the menu are anything to go by. The five-step wine tasting is a must to appreciate the local production and deep dive into the wines of Bernard Massard and Domaines Vinsmoselle. The service, with a very local vibe, is professional, fast and only too glad to serve up some local dishes devised by Joël Schaeffer. On the pretty terrace along the Moselle river, some of the cocktails have been granted an incursion into wine country to satisfy all possible whims.

Opening hours

Monday 11:30-24:00
Tuesday 11:30-24:00
Wednesday 11:30-24:00
Thursday 11:30-24:00
Friday 11:30-24:00
Saturday 11:30-24:00
Sunday 11:30-24:00


Joël Schaeffer
Marc Fusenig

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